Key points:

  • Larger gearcase, larger diameter propeller, more propellers to choose from.
  • Produces more lift, better acceleration, improved manoeuvrability.
  • Ideally suited to heavier boats, deep V hulls, commercial applications.

Boats come in all shapes and sizes. Some are used once a month, some a few times a year, and others every other day. There are flat-bottomed punts, deep V hull fibreglass runabouts, aluminium recreational fishing boats, and everyday commercial fishing boats and charters, just to name a few. And Mercury has come up with an option to deliver maximum performance for everyone.

What is Command Thrust?

Mercury Command Thrust is a range of Mercury outboards that have been introduced with larger gear cases, longer props, and larger gear ratios. This results in more lift, better acceleration, improved handling and added durability.

Currently, the Command Thrust models are available in: 9.9 HP, 40 HP, 50 HP, 60 HP, 90 HP, 100 HP & 115 HP.

Larger gear case

Delivering more for less, the larger gears and gear case are designed to handle more thrust. Side-by-side with the standard models, the Command Thrust’s propeller sits lower in the water, essentially also acting as a bigger rudder that provides more leverage to control the boat. This is particularly useful on the 9.9 HP Command Thrust model, transforming it into the best kicker engine for many boats.

Wider propeller diameter:

The propeller on Command Thrust models has 20% more surface area than the standard propellers. Plus, certain models (check with an Authorised Mercury Dealer) unlock the full range of Mercury’s performance propellers to further optimise your setup.

Benefits of Command Thrust models

More lift:

Heavy or fully loaded boats can be more easily lifted out of the water with the extra thrust of a wider propeller, helping you get on the plane faster.

Plane at lower speeds:

Once you’re on the plane, the Command Thrust models can also keep you on the plane at lower speeds. Being on the plane means more of the boat is out of the water and the boat has less drag, which means better fuel economy and cost savings for you.

Better acceleration:

More surface area on the propeller provides more thrust and better acceleration. Plus, when combined with Mercury’s premium propeller range, you have a combination that puts you ahead of the pack.

Holds better in rough water:

With what is effectively a deeper rudder in the water, the Command Thrust models give you more leverage to control the boat and more authority in any condition.

Should you get a Command Thrust outboard?

If you’ve ever questioned the “one size fits all” approach to outboards, you’d be right. For many general-purpose boats, the standard Mercury FourStroke is a powerful, economic, reliable and perfectly capable outboard.

Command Thrust models are most beneficial for larger, heavier or fully-loaded boats that need more thrust or are used for commercial or heavy-duty applications. Some examples include boats with a deep V hull, commercial workboats, offshore fishing boats, high-use boats, and houseboats and pontoons.

Not every boater should or will need to make the extra investment in a Command Thrust model. For help deciding what is best for your specific needs, Coorparoo Marine Brisbane are the experts with all the latest information.