Mercury Marine’s DTS (Digital Throttle and Shift) takes the performance of your boat to the highest level and makes putting the motor into gear a lot smoother and less clunky.

Anyone spending a whole day on the water can testify the feel, control and leverage of a well-designed throttle makes everything easier. Compatible on many of the larger Mercury outboards, DTS is a whole new experience for single-engine boats.

Electronic vs mechanical throttles

Electronic throttle control, also known as drive-by-wire or fly-by-wire, has made the traditional throttle cable redundant in modern motor vehicles. On boats, however, we mostly still rely on a mechanical cable to open and close the engine’s throttle.

Instead of a mechanical cable, electronic throttles use sensors and wires to transmit commands through the engine’s computer. This makes for fast and precise throttle control that isn’t susceptible to wear or stretching of the cable like it’s mechanical counterpart.

In the case of Mercury Marine outboard motors, a single wiring harness replaces the mechanical throttle system to a precise and smooth Digital Throttle & Shift system.

DTS is also part of Mercury Marine’s SmartCraft system and fully integrates with smart gauges that show speed, RPM, fuel usage and burn, estimated range and much more.

Benefits of Digital Throttle & Shift

As part of the SmartCraft suite, DTS is designed to make your boating experience better. A few of the benefits described by advocates include:

  • Instant response
  • Total control
  • Zero hesitation
  • Better boating
  • Precise handling
  • Accuracy of the throttle
  • No lag

Those with DTS rave about it – and it’s not hard to see why. Examples of how it makes boating easier and more intuitive include:

  • Smoother acceleration and predictable control is safer for your passengers, especially young children.
  • The instant response makes navigating through rough and choppy waters easier.
  • Precise control makes docking your boat or positioning over your favourite fishing spot faster.
  • Throttle response that never fluctuates makes boating a more enjoyable experience.
  • Digital control of the throttle helps maximise efficiency compared to a mechanical throttle.

Models available with Digital Throttle & Shift

Some models, such as the 175hp, 200hp and 225hp V-6 Mercury Marine FourStroke outboards are digital compatible, meaning you can opt for either mechanical or digital throttles. The 250-400hp V-8 range, including the flagship Verado models, all come with DTS as standard.

Coorparoo Marine is an authorised Brisbane Mercury retailer and can help determine which outboards come with DTS.


Choose DTS

One thing is for sure, you won’t regret the investment in Digital Throttle & Shift.

Every boat owner wants to find ways to make their life easier, safer and less stressful. Upgrading your package to include DTS is one way you can ensure your #boatlife is much more enjoyable.

DTS, as part of the Mercury SmartCraft system, completes a modern digital control system. For help choosing the best model for you, visit Coorparoo Marine, who have sold and serviced Mercury Marine motors for over 40 years, and are trusted Mercury experts in Brisbane.