The Revival R640 is one boat that does it all

It represents great value for anyone:

  • Getting back into boating.
  • Has a family to entertain.
  • Keen on overnight getaways.
  • Chasing offshore game fish.
  • Living their best retirement.
  • Budgeting to spend under $100k.


Let’s take a close look at how one boat can do all of this…


Soft riding makes it good for families

A hallmark feature of Revival watercraft is their hull. Designed by Sam Cantanese, formerly of Stejcraft, the name ‘Revival’ is about reviving the craftmanship of hull design.


And hull design is important. Growing up I remember being on boats that didn’t so much slice through the water as slapped down hard like a breaching whale. Of course, I thought it was tremendous fun, but in a scary kind of way.


If the aim is a pleasant and relaxing day out cruising, fishing or swimming with the kids or grandkids, then the safety and comfort provided by Revival’s soft-riding hull is important.


Photo of Revival R640 Offshore


Suitable for most 4wds or utes

You will need a car with some pulling power to launch this boat, however, weighing in at just 2175kgs you won’t be maxing its capacity. For example, the current model Landcruiser will tow 3,500kgs, and a Triton 3,000kgs.


Why this matters is it leaves you space to pack some storage. It also means you won’t be on the limit of your vehicle when hurtling down the highway, or backing down the boat ramp.


Can be launched by beginners

Now, any boat you buy will require some practice at launching it. That is to be expected. And at 6.40m the R640 is very manageable with some practice. Finding that balance space and practicality is a consideration every boat owner will have to make. The R640 offers you a happy compromise of both.


Room to entertain

Complete with walk-through foredeck, a front cabin that can be screened off for privacy, a rear bench seat that folds away or can be removed, and ample storage to free up deck space, there is enough space for a family with a small tribe of kids.


The R640 is rated to carry 8 people. If you were to take out 5 adults you can be assured of a comfortable day out without stepping on each other’s toes. There’s even a divider curtain in the cabin if you know someone that needs a ‘time out’ now and again.


Photo of R640 hard top with family


Complete with important safety features

For anyone taking smaller children on aquatic adventures where their imagination can run wild, safety is of paramount importance. The R640 helps you feel comfortable with deep sides, plus a 25” transom giving you more depth and protection from water splashing over the stern.


Other standard features include navigation lights, panic rails for passengers, and a rear step with a walk-through door for much safer boarding for passengers young and old.


Because the R640 blends luxury with practicality, you can also add features like the Seadeck flooring for grip (and comfort) and an electric anchor winch that keeps your passengers clear of the edge, which is especially valuable in rough weather.


Comfort throughout

By now, you may think we’ve mentioned everything. But the best is yet to come…


The Weekender, inspired by luxury caravans, comes with a host of factory features carefully considered for your enjoyment.


  • Power up your devices with twin USB ports and auxiliary power.
  • Feel the comfort from your feet up with the best marine flooring system, keeping you sure-footed, not sore-footed.
  • Pilot your vessel like a boss with upgraded bucket seats that give better visibility when seated, or the choice to stand.
  • Lunch or play out of the heat with the included cabin table and cabin LED lighting.
  • Cruise in comfort even when it rains by rolling out clear covers for all-weather protection while also keeping the bugs out.


Revival R640 interior photos


Spend the night away

Speaking of clear covers, this makes the Weekender a great boat for overnight stays. A common annoyance for coastal travellers is the bugs that appear at dusk. With clear side panels installed you’ll keep the bugs out without having to resort to layers of mozzie repellent.


The R640 also comes with room for a portable toilet. Hidden away when not needed, and easy to use when you do, this small addition may quickly become the one you never want to be without.


Come and see one at Coorparoo Marine

All in all, if you’re after value for money without compromising the features you want, then the Revival R640 is a great choice. It ticks all the boxes: great features, well priced relative to competitors, and will do just about anything most people ask of it.



To arrange to see one in Brisbane, Coorparoo Marine proudly stock Revival boats and are very happy to help and answer any questions you have.


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