The Rebel range of aluminium boats has been a mainstay of the Clark range for many years now. Well respected by dedicated fishos and casual boaties alike for its rugged 3mm thick aluminium design and effortlessly smooth ride, the brand new Clark Rebel 460 Pro SC doesn’t disappoint.


Whether it’s just you, or sharing the joys of being on the water with your children, nieces, nephews or grandkids, the 460 Rebel Prois a boat you’ll be proud to own. Not just because it looks the part, but because it delivers on its promise.


This is a boat with the perfect mix of features in a practical size that you’ll have little trouble launching and retrieving at the jetty.


Perfect for: new boat owners, families, regular boaties, previous boat owners

Clark boats


If you’re not familiar with the Clark boat manufacturing company, they’re a mainstay of Australian boating for professions and enthusiasts. The company has been making boats for over 40 years and make a wide variety of aluminium boats right here is Australia.


Same same but better


Built off the same general dimensions (length 4.70m, beam 2.10m) as the 449 Rebel series, the 460 Rebel Pro has a few notable improvements. At the rear of the boat, there is a full motor well and 2 rear steps with fully welded rails. Yet inside remains spacious, and is now rated for up to 5 passengers (up from 4 in the 449 Rebel).


The team here at Coorparoo Marine believe the new 460 series of Clark boats, including the Pro, will be even more popular.


Why do we say this? Well, because this boat has it all – looks, comfort, safety,  and performance.


Looks the part


If looks are important to impress your crew, family or on-lookers (don’t laugh, this is very important to some people!), then this boat is what we’d call a “head-turner”. Shipped from the factory painted in gun-metal grey, and detailed with orange decal and matching upholstered seating, you can be assured to cop many jealous stares on the way to the boat ramp. Plus with all the professional features outlined below, you’ll have plenty of “go” to go with the “show”!


Comfort through practicality


A practical and efficient boating platform makes for a pleasant day out. The 460 Rebel Pro has ample storage in the front, back, and underfloor. The seats feel quality and comfortable, and will last you years. They’ll also be comfortable even after a long day of fishing. Plus, as all the boats in this series, you can reposition one seat to the front of the boat for a better fishing position.


Exclusive to the 460 Rebel Pro is the extended spray chine. Designed to displace more water than any other Rebel model, you’ll stay dryer as you cut through swell or backwash from other boats. The extended spray chine will deflect the spray further away from the boat so you and your crew enjoy an even more pleasant day out.


Family-friendly in all conditions


The full boat well where your motor sits (up to 60hp – this 60hp Mercury pairs beautifully) reduces the amount of backwash that enters the boat – giving you the confidence to quickly stop when needed. This is hugely important when towing the grandkids in a doughnut, in rough seas, or when a sudden gust of wind lifts your favourite cap into the brine. Plus, deeper sides than previous models and two rear steps with fully welded rails add to the safety and versatility of this boat for both professional and recreational uses.


Professional boating performance


Arguably the most important, the ride and performance of this boat is exactly what you’d expect from a leading Australian aluminum fishing boat manufacturer. Fully equipped with easy to access underfloor fuel tank and spacious cast platforms, this is a pure-bred professional boat ready for sports, bream fishing in the bay, or trolling for large pelagics offshore.


A dream fishing boat


Considering everything above, you’re probably already starting to picture yourself happily powering around Pumicestone Passage on a clear and calm Saturday morning. But there’s still more! Add to that picture 4 rod holders holding your favourite rods, a plumbed 30L live bait tank, and a plumbed live well tank for all the fresh whiting, bream and flathead you’re going to catch, and you’ve got what many would consider a dream fishing boat!



The new Clark 460 Rebel Pro SC is an excellent boat through and through. If you’re ready to upgrade from an old Rebel 449, or looking to own a do-it-all boating package, speak your local Brisbane boat dealer at Coorparoo Marine.


Coorparoo Marine specialises in affordable quality Clark Boats and Mercury outboard motors. With over 40 years servicing a loyal customer base from Noosa to Coolangatta, you can be sure of sound advice and attentive service. Shop for Clarke boats now, visit us in Coorparoo, or give us a call on 07 3397 4141.