The benefits of repowering your boat with a new outboard are both epic and plentiful. More time fishing, huge savings in petrol, accessing remote areas, less maintenance, more peace of mind – and generally a far better time in your boat.

If you’re asking “Is it worth upgrading my outboard motor?”, we’ve compiled seven real-world benefits that you could enjoy when repowering with a Mercury outboard motor.

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Here are our top seven reasons why you should consider upgrading your old outboard motor:

Give old boats new life

Old outboards tend to be heavier. For example, upgrading to a new 200hp V6 FourStroke could save you a hefty 50kgs lighter than your previous motor, improving every aspect of your boat’s performance. Combined with the latest technological improvements and pitch-perfect propellors, examples like the case study below are possible, where Tony from Airlie Beach gets his fully-restored 70s model Haines Hunter up to 34-knot cruise speeds – to the amazement of his Facebook group. 

Economy of speed

If you regularly travel long distances, repowering with a Mercury FourStroke can get you there sooner so you can spend more time fishing. In the case study below, Tony now cruises 6-7 knots quicker, equating to more time on the reef. As an example of what a brand-new modern outboard can do, his old outboard would cruise at 26-27 knots at 1.6 km/ltr (at best) but now does 30-32 knots at 2.1 km/ltr, and up to 47 knots while still getting 1.6 km/ltr!

Slash your fuel costs

It used to be “common knowledge” that a two-stroke would beat a four-stroke for pure grunt and performance. Compared to a new Mercury V6 FourStroke however, not only do you get a huge power upgrade with an instant take off, in the video below Tony from Cairns halved his fuel costs!

Hyper responsive power

Thanks to technologies such as DTS (Digital Throttle & Shift), new Mercury outboards deliver instant, smooth response with no lag or waiting – totally unlike any older motor. So much so you’ll need to hang on tight to avoid being flung out the back – because you wouldn’t be the first person to be caught off-guard after a repower!

No more “fixing stuff every day”

Advancements in manufacturing, design and materials drastically increase reliability and motor life, making new outboard motors more reliable than older models. This can be especially helpful for those extended trips away, especially for anyone who regularly has to fix or repair something every time you go out.  With a new Mercury outboard on your boat, you can “…simply turn the key, drive to the reef, come back and wash your boat and put it in the yard. And not have to worry about doing any work on it, knowing you’re going to get to the reef without any issues”. 

Go places others can’t reach

Fuel efficiency has improved dramatically in recent years. Advancements like Advanced Range Optimisation and closed-loop fuel control, reductions in internal friction, plus hydrodynamically efficient gearcases all help reduce fuel consumption so you can go further on a single tank of fuel.

Modern features unlock new possibilities 

And finally, any discussion about new outboards wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the incredible benefits unlocked with Mercury SmartCraft. 

  • Troll control in 10 RPM increments gets your lures working optimally.
  • Smart Tow for hitting the perfect launch speed every time.
  • ActiveTrim automatically sets the best trim, improving your ride and fuel efficiency.
  • Full range of digital data, control and engine monitoring including speed, rpm, trim, depth, alarms, water pressure, fuel flow – everything you need for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

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