If you know someone with a boat then you’re in luck, because there is always some new accessory or gadget they’d love to own. But coming up with ideas for unique or ‘must-have’ gift ideas can be tricky. 


With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of present ideas to make gift shopping for them a bit easier. Ranging from affordable cowl covers to tech gadgets and engine gauges, here are our suggested gift ideas for boaties.    


Outboard Motor Cowl Cover


We’d all love our boats to look and feel new forever. Sadly, sun and saltwater will take their toll on almost everything. After years of use, motors will begin to fade and look worn.


Engine cowl covers are nothing new. Traditionally though they’ve looked a bit daggy. A basic cover looks bland and immediately ruins the whole aesthetics of the boat. But not anymore.


Introducing the branded motor cowl. Our example is from Mercury and can be purchased to match the size and model of your outboard. They have the same detailing as your brand new motor so you can barely tell it’s on. And when it begins to fade, simply replace with a new one to maintain the aesthetic appeal, or remove completely to bare the pristine paintwork below.


Inquire at Coorparoo Marine today to learn more.

Marine-grade waterproof Bluetooth speaker


Fusion claim this is the world’s first portable marine stereo system. It has no holes or wires. It floats if it falls into the drink. It’s quick to install. And all while delivering crystal clear audio.


Why invest in a marine-grade portable speaker? Having music with you has become an almost essential part of life. It is no surprise then that most people own some sort of Bluetooth speaker. Life on the water among the salty air is tough on devices though. That is why the team at Coorparoo Marine recommend Fusion STEREOACTIVE™ as a durable, weatherproof solution.


Tech gadgets for the boat


I’m sure I’m not alone in the belief that gadgets will put a smile on any boaties face. Whether it’s to catch fish faster, make boating simpler, be comfier, or for bragging rights – gadgets are important.


Speaking as Mercury retailers, we recommend accessories like Mercury’s mechanical gauges that help maintain an optimum trolling speed, to digital Mercury SmartCraft gauges that put dozens of data points at your fingertips. 


Read this article to learn more about Mercury SmartCraft gauges.


Another option for anyone keen on fishing is an up-to-date fishfinder that adds colour, GPS, and whether it’s a sandy or rocky bottom.

Portable BBQ


This was a suggestion by someone who’s been on many boating adventures in her day…


What could be better after a morning of fishing or watersports, than whipping out a Weber BabyQ onto the boat’s bait board and cooking some snags, steaks, or if you’ve been fortunate fresh flathead fillets? Or pulling up to an unoccupied strip of beach and having a BBQ picnic?


You can find the BabyQ and full weber range at many leading retailers.




A tough pair of ‘double plugger’ thongs


Know someone that’s a bit rough on their gear? Get them a new pair of double pluggers from Bum Nosed Double Pluggers. Designed to be stronger than your average thong, double pluggers will last longer and resist busting when walking through water or muddy surfaces.


The Bum Nosed Double Plugger range has revived a classic Australian look and maybe the perfect gift for your nautical friend.