Mercury SmartCraft™ can help you save money on fuel, catch more fish, and have more fun on the water.


Every boatie can benefit from SmartCraft™. In fact, once you’ve used it, we doubt you would ever want to go back to a boat without it. Starting from the 40hp FourStroke right through to the 400hp Verado, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


At first glance, the high-tech flagship features like Skyhook™ Digital Anchor and support for 6 outboards make this seem like an expensive addition for luxury boat owners. In reality though, SmartCraft™ offers affordable improvements for every boatie that you will quickly make you wonder how you ever did without. And you only get it with Mercury.


What engines is it compatible with?

New outboard motor from the 40hp up to the 400hp are equipment with SmartCraft™, as well as their Sterndrive & Inboards range. Not all of the features are available on every motor though, so we recommend talking to a Mercury expert before making your final decision.


What is SmartCraft™, and what does it do?

SmartCraft™is a suite of technologies to make boating simpler. And while you’re new outboard is equipped with SmartCraft™, you will need to install a gauge or display, or to connect it with your favourite compatible device.


To best understand what it does and how you benefit, let’s take a look at two of our favourite Mercury gauges and displays, the SC1000 and VesselView displays.


Digital SC1000 Gauge

This little beauty is bound to be your favourite little gadget. It’s simple, easy to install and use, monitors so many different systems, and generally just makes your day on the water simpler.

(Source: Mercury Marine)


When you get in, it immediately turns on and tells you about battery, pressure, your voltage on the battery, trim, petrol available, water pressure, hours on the motor. When you’re on the go you can quickly see you fuel efficiency (a potentially HUGE money-saver), running temperature, and much more.


Another features anglers will love is Troll Control. Say you want to be trolling at 3kph, you can adjust the revs in increments of 10 RPM to keep you in the right zone for a bite. This helps you maintain the perfect trolling speed whatever the conditions.


Here’s the full list of features…

Troll Control Low-Oil-Level Time of Day RPM Engine Hours
Fuel to Waypoint Warning (OB) Boat Speed Engine Alarms Trim Pop-Up
Engine Synchronizer Water in Fuel Fault Low Depth Warning Oil Temp Engine Trim
Trim Synchronizer Auto Speed Horn Fault Oil Pressure Fuel Used
Steering Angle Sensor Transition Ignition Fault Battery Voltage Fuel Flow
GPS Speed Air/Sea Temp Injector Fault Depth Fuel Range
GPS Course & Speed Digital Speed Oil System Fault Water Pressure System Link
Speed Sensor Fault Oil Level Reserve Oil (OB) Coolant Temp Gauge Connection
Low-Fuel Warning Fuel Level Dot Matrix LCD Display Coolant Pressure SmartTow**


To learn more about the SC1000, see this brochure,this YouTube video, or visit the Mercury Marine website.



If you want more info at a glance so you can focus on captaining your boat, you’ll want a VesselView display. Available in multiple sizes starting with 4” VesselView403 right up to the 9” VesselView 903, these touch screen displays help you keep track of everything.

(Source: Mercury Marine)

When hooked up with your GPS you enable Active Trim right there on your dashboard. This helps you by automatically choosing the ultimate trim – improving your ride and saving you fuel costs.


Like the SC1000 you get access to 30 engine parameters. The VesselView display range though is larger, glare-resistant and touch screen display, give you more information at a glace.

If you run two engines you can access both on the same screen, with support for 4 engines on the VesselView403, and 4 engines simultaneously on the VesselView903.


These, of course, are only a fraction of these displays can do. For expert assistance, contact a Mercury specialist like Coorparoo Marine and we’ll be happy to assist.


Check out these links for the VesselView403 brochure, the VesselView403 Quickstart guide. Plus, on compatible Lowrance and Simrad displays, VesselView Link gives you access to all features SmartCraft™ has to offer.


Plus so much more…


SmartCraft™ is your portal to Troll Control, Smart Tow, Skyhook™ digital anchoring, Sirius weather, and dozens of other incredibly smart and useful digital control systems.


Be sure to check out the Mercury Marine YouTube Channel (both Australian and American) for many fascinating videos on this amazing technology.