Not many people know this, but Mercury is one of the few manufacturers who exclusively make marine motors – they have nine global manufacturing plants dedicated to just this one task. Absolutely everything they do is focused around the many nuances to making the best outboard motors on the market.It’s this focus that has resulted in an outboard motor that is so good at resisting corrosion caused by saltwater that they’ve backed their engineering with the industry-leading corrosion warranty. Read on to learn more…


A little bit about Mercury motors


It’s no joke when Mercury claim they’re at the leading edge of technology. Across their range of motors, many have the impressive claim to the lightest motors in their respective classes. They also output awesome top-end speed power and superior overall acceleration. As a testament to this, Mercury motors are commonplace on professional, recreational, sports fishing and speed boats in Australia and globally.


Also, before we get into the corrosion protection, it’s also worth mentioning Mercury backs all its technology with a 6-year manufacturer warranty – made up of 3 years plus another 3 years. All you need to do is service it at an Authorised Service Center like Coorparoo Marine in Brisbane to get the extra 3 years. And this is for every single motor in their range, from the 2.5hp tiller steer, right through to the 400hp Verado! That’s a pretty impressive offer.


3-year corrosion warranty


Mercury’s 3 years corrosion warranty is the best in the industry. No other manufacturer offers this type of guarantee. That is because every single motor has an array of corrosion blocking defences.


Saltwater is going to seep into places it shouldn’t, and it will corrode delicate electrics and other metal parts. All your boating equipment, to some degree, is susceptible to corrosion. But it’s Mercury that stands out from the rest because of their dedication to problem-free boating.

Designed to resist saltwater


There are a couple of very important defences against corrosion. The overall design of Mercury motors is focused on keeping the water out in the first place. Wherever possible, they also use materials less likely to corrode. They do this by using more stainless steel in their motors, and also using a low copper aluminium.


Next, their intelligently designed motor cowlings feature multiple seals to keep out moisture (plus they prevent engine noise at the same time, making many Mercury motors far quieter than their competition!). There’s also a top cowl service door for easy access to check oil levels which, of course, is watertight when closed.

Corrosion-resistant paintwork


In addition to the design of the motor is something else unique and very special. Mercury has developed an entire paint system designed specifically for the extreme marine environment. This is a proprietary paint process that you will not find on any other brand of outboard motor.

  1. The low copper aluminium that Mercury makes specifically for its anti-corrosion properties is covered with a chemical, Iridite, which forms a highly resistant barrier.
  2. An EDP (Electro Deposition Priming) coat is applied to completely seal out the environment and prepare for the topcoat.
  3. A powder paint topcoat comprised of special polymers (designed by Mercury) helps the paintwork apply better and last far longer than other paint.


On every single Mercury outboard motor


Most importantly, this technology and attention to detail is standard across every single Mercury motor. This is why we here at Coorparoo Marine love Mercury outboards, as do our customers.


And remember, these are just some of the benefits of Mercury motors. You also get some of the lightest motors in their class, market-leading power outputs, incredible fuel efficiency, superior sound deadening, and durable designed components.


Need help choosing the best size outboard for your bowrider, or an aftermarket prop to cut through choppy swell? Give the specialists at Coorparoo Marine Brisbane a call. With 40 years of boat and motors sales and service in Brisbane, we’re always happy to help!