For the boat owner that wants a little bit of everything, the Stryker range of Horizon Aluminum Boats is well worth your attention.

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The Horizon Stryker is a smart looking and well-equipped inshore runabout and is available in a range of practical models. Regardless of the model, owners enjoy a host of benefits, including:

  • Stays stable at rest and is dry in motion thanks to the hull’s reverse chines
  • Has great acceleration and fuel economy, thanks to the hydro lift hull
  • Deep sides add to an attractive, head-turning design
  • Built like a tank with ribs spaced 350 mm apart and 3 mm bottoms and sides
  • Comes in four affordable models with additional options to suit your lifestyle

As a brand, Horizon is well-known for designing family boats at affordable prices, and this a prime example to be sure. Let’s take a closer look at each of the models:

Stryker: 438

There’s the Stryker 438 – a desirable tiller-steered tinnie, which comes unpainted and with partial flooring. These are definitely cost-saving features, however, thanks to the Hydro Lift hull you’ll enjoy all the benefits listed above that help you keep dry and ensure family-friendly stability.

Horizon Stryker 438


Stryker SR: 438, 454 & 474

The Stryker SR (i.e. Sports Runabout) adds a forward seating and steering configuration, a curved windscreen, fully carpeted floor and rear bench seat. Add a canopy overhead (optional) and you have a comfy and dry runabout for cruising or fishing your favourite waterways with family and friends.

Horizon Stryker SR


Stryker XPF: 438 & 454

The Stryker XPF is about deck space, ideal if you’re going to be spending a lot of time angling. Tiller-steered as standard, or with the option to add a side console (as pictured above), the full-floor configuration includes both rear and forward casting platform and 4 seating positions.

Horizon Stryker XPF


Styker XPF Side Console: 438, 454 & 474

The Stryker XPS Side Console adds a side console as standard, adds the option to choose Horizon’s unique FastBack transom, and includes the longer 474 model in the range.

Horizon Stryker XPF Side Console


Notable features:

Hydro Lift Hull

The masterful engineering that keeps you dry and stable is called the Hydro Lift hull. It has a variable deadrise – meaning the vee is deeper at the front to better slice through the waves and shallower at the back for more stability and better holeshot. Add to this the reverse chines for increased stability at rest, faster planing time, a dryer ride; as well as pressed planing strakes for crucial hull lift, excellent acceleration and improved fuel consumption. You’ll be very happy you opted for the Stryker.

Horizon Boats Hyrdo LiftHull


What to expect:

Stability at rest

Thanks to the wide 2.20m beam of the boat, reverse chines and the variable vee shape of the boat, the entire boat feels stable even when passengers are moving around.

Excellent, dry ride

The sharp vee design is designed to slice through the waves, and in many boats that means water spraying up over the sides and on to your face or clothes. The reverse chines of the Horizon Stryker push the water well clear of the sides of the stern, limiting the amount of spray coming over the sides.

Family-friendly fishing

While fishing with children, keeping them safe is the number one priority. As well as great stability, the deep 1.1m high sides mean there’s a generous interior freeboard reducing the risk that a passenger becomes unbalanced and falls overboard.


Versatile layout

In all models, there is enough storage and seating options to satisfy anything from serious angling to a Sunday cruise. While each model has a slightly different layout, the seats are designed to be moved to suit your needs, and there are loads of options from underfloor fuel tanks to biminis, live bank tanks, electric motor mounts and more.

Space for three anglers

Rated to carry 4 people (or 5 people for some models), the versatile layouts mean you can comfortably seat 3 anglers.

Where can you go?

The Stryker is an excellent choice for a bay, harbour, and estuary runabout.

  • As an inshore family runabout, the Stryker range excels as an easy handling, stable and smooth ride.
  • As an estuary, dam or occasional offshore fishing boat, the Styker is a versatile and practical platform ready to be customised to your specific needs.

As such, it would be possible to get across to North and South Stradbroke Islands, Bribie Island, explore parts of Fraser Island’s beaches, motor in and around the Tweed River, and of course, fish, cruise or doughnut in the dams around Brisbane. As always, be sure to stay within your limits and experience, and always check the weather report before you leave.

Who is it for?


Families who want a slice of freedom will love this boat. You can explore the seemingly endless beaches and fishing spots near Brisbane, and do it in relative comfort and style.

First-time boat owners

The superior stability and handling in an affordable package is perfect for those new to boating. In more expensive boats you may pay for features and capabilities that you may never use or need, and more basic or second-hand boats may be less comfortable or enjoyable to pilot. The Stryker sits in the sweet spot between comfort, fun, and affordability.


For those experienced boaties, you’ll instantly recognise the host of practical features present in the Horizon Stryker. Whether you’re upgrading from a more barebones entry-level tinnie for a better and dryer ride, or maybe downsizing from a larger vessel but not wanting to compromise too much on comfort, the Stryker is a boat you’ll be all too happy to own and use.


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