Choosing a boat for many of us means making compromises. Are you after a serious fishing boat, or a leisure craft for the children, grandparents and everyone in between? Do you want to gently cruise the Broadwater, brave the choppy waters across to Fraser Island, or tow a doughnut at high-speed around Somerset Dam? Well, with the right aluminium bowrider you can do it all without breaking the budget.

side view of Horizon SeaBreaze bowrider aluminium boat


There’s plenty to love about the bowrider. For example, say you wanted to convince a significant other to make the investment in a new boat? You could tell them about the epic adventures of quiet isolated beaches and leisurely basking in the bow while others fish or swim out the back. Your weekends would be full of swimming, exploring islands, fresh air, and being stretched out in the sun as water gently laps around you.

Then, with little effort, your boat will convert into a superior fishing vessel. Simply strip off the front lounge cushions and fold down the rear seats to reveal a front casting deck up front and generous space to drop a line out the back, perfectly suited to zipping from pier to pier chasing bream, or drifting across Raby Bay in search of snapper. And if you’re more of a thrill-seeker, then kitting yourself out with a ski pole and a powerful mercury outboard will have you grinning from ear to ear as you power across your local dams and estuaries.

front seating of horizon seabreeze aluminium boat

Horizon SeaBreeze Aluminium Bowrider

Of course, our aluminium bowrider of choice is the Horizon SeaBreeze. Not just because they’re locally owned and manufactured on the Gold Coast, but because it feels like Horizon has thought of everything. Their local waterways are surely where bowriders are perfectly suited, so it makes sense they know exactly how to best fit out these boats. Let’s take a look at some of the standout features you’ll love.

A choice of hulls: Hydrolift Pressed Aluminium or GRIDcore Plate

Horizon’s Hydrolift hulls promise a sturdy boat, with 3mm side and bottom sheets, and a spaciously wide beam of 2.40m. It’s a design that is known for its quality, ride, and value for money thanks to superior features, including:

  • reverse chines to deflect spray away from the hull for a dryer ride,
  • variable deadrise to slice through choppy water while remaining stable at rest, and
  • pressed planing strakes for improved lift, acceleration and fuel efficiency.

The GRIDCore hulls take all this even further with their in-house developed GRiDcore construction method for a superbly strong and rigid design that’s built to last. Featuring a grid frame that is fully welded to the hull (i.e. not floating) and thicker 4mm side and bottom sheets (or optional 5mm high tensile bottom sheets), the GRiDcore SeaBreeze is equally at home during a relaxing family day on the water or a serious fishing session. Plus, for those seeking a boat with more power, the GRiDcore model range can comfortably handle large capacity motors and range in size up to the impressive 6.40m option with a max engine capacity of 175hp!

Sports console helps you feel in control

Navigate your boat from a position of control and comfort in the forward sports console. Bowriders place you in a forward seating position, as opposed to a side console or tiller-steer, which makes for great weight distribution and handling. The SeaBreeze comes with comfortable seats and a sports steering wheel to further enhance your experience; and a walkthrough wrap-around windscreen that is both practical and looks sensational.

sports seating in the horizon seabreeze aluminium boat

sports steering wheel of horizon seabreeze aluminium boat

Converts from lounge seating to premium fishing boat

Underneath, this cruisabout bowrider is a fishing thoroughbred. The fully-upholstered front seating can be effortlessly removed to reveal a raised casting deck beneath for flicking lures from a heightened vantage point, and the rear lounge folds away for even more room to fish, cast or troll lures out the back. And another reason to love an aluminium bowrider is they can be easily customised with extras such as bait boards, rod holders and more.

80L underfloor fuel tank and underfloor floatation

Beneath the floor sits a long-range 80-litre fuel tank as standard together with underfloor floatation, helping you feel confident to go further and do more on the water, and to keep your family safe.

Rear boarding platform & Fast Back Transom

Pulling up and disembarking on sandflats and remote beaches couldn’t be any easier in the SeaBreeze. With the sturdy Fast Back transom, this trusty all-rounder makes boarding easier when swimming or skiing out the back, with the added benefit of eliminating any worry of wash entering through the rear if you ever have to rapidly come to a halt.

transom of horizon seabreeze aluminium boat with boarding steps and ladder

Your boat, your way

Let’s face it, personalising your boat is one of the great joys of boat ownership. It’s the small extra touches we proudly tell our friends about, like the digital gauge with 10 RPM Troll Control, or the marine-grade waterproof bluetooth speaker that floats if it falls in the drink.

There are plenty of ways to customise the SeaBreeze to your personal interests and truly make it your own. Some popular options we can recommend include:


Being sun-smart is no joke in Queensland. Adding shade overhead can provide some respite from the harsh midday rays.

horizon seabreeze aluminium boat

Ski pole

Planning on towing a doughnut on the regular, or maybe want to give skiing or wakeboarding a go? With the SeaBreeze you can!

Fishing accessories

Keen fisherman in the family? The SeaBreeze can tackle a tough day fishing with no worries, especially with a few extra additions such as adding a bait tank, kill tank, extra rod holders, and a removable bait board.

Hydraulic steering

Make this pleasure-craft even more pleasurable with light and easy hydraulic steering. Your arms will thank you when you’re driving home after a long day on the water.

Dive ladder

A dive later makes getting in and out of the boat a breeze, a no-brainer if you have kids or grandkids taking a swim out the back.

Bowrider boats for sale in Queensland

The bowrider style of boat is popular with families, children young and old loves, and is ideally suited for anyone who wants to do everything from beachcombing to estuary fishing, and everything in between.

Looking for bowrider boats for sale for your next boat? The team at Coorparoo Marine Brisbane are here to answer any questions you might have, from what size is best, to choosing a suitable outboard motor, to making your purchase as easy and enjoyable as possible. For over 40 years we’ve been the trusted team in Brisbane to buy, service and repower our customer’s precious boats.

forward seating in horizon seabreeze aluminium boat

side view of horizon seabreeze aluminium boat